Lena May

Lena May can be described as many things; she is a writer, a reader, a dreamer, a mother, a former pastry chef, former cake decorator and former business owner. She has dabbled in photography, poetry, promoting local artists and various mixed media art. All of this while just having closed the gap on turning 30 years old.

While Lena May has lived out some of the biggest dreams she had ever set her sights on, she has found her self a new place among this world. From being a busy, single mom who held down three jobs simultaneously (one of those being a business she started from the ground up) to being a stay at home mom and wife – she has embraced this new chapter with open arms.

In 2010 Lena May was faced with a huge health scare. She survived seven surgeries in the span of four years. Meanwhile making the heartbreaking decision to put an end to her business and the only career she had known, as a pastry chef. Finding herself disabled and with a lot of time on her hands (especially with her daughter in school) Lena found peace in the pages of books. She embraced this new adventure and resolved to write her own book, as well. She reads an average of 15-20 books a month. What a better way to celebrate getting reacquainted with her love of books than to start a book review?

Welcome to the Book Review Wonderland, where we’re a little mad, because all the best people are.